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From the daybook: 7/24/2000 "Telephone customer asks for a large… - life is elsewhere

Date: 2007-08-13 17:52
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From the daybook:
"Telephone customer asks for a large print copy of War and Peace. He is wheezing heavily, possibly dying, possibly he's requesting the book so as to be buried with it. I tell him we don't have one, so he asks for a regular copy. I go check. When I get back on the phone, customer is...sleeping. (I can hear him snoring). I have to speak very loudly, nearly shout, to wake him up. He asks "how much is a paperback copy?" I start to explain that depends on the copy, condition, etc, but before I can finish, he interrupts, wheezing. "If you can't find a goddamned copy of War and Peace, what the hell is this world coming to? This is just like 1964!" and hangs up. This bit about '64, I'm convinced, is some sort of subtle dig at me personally. When I figure out what it means--and I will--there's going to be hell to pay..."
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